Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Underbite Fixed with Braces Only

I got ceramic braces—to fix an underbite class III malocussion—which has now been corrected after under three months. I thought I would make an update, and just outline that the main reason I am recording my progress in this braces blog is not only to document the changes of my teeth, but to allow others to see my experience of fixing an underbite with braces only. When I was searching for information prior to going ahead with—and during—treatment, I was surprised at the lack of resources about the orthodontic procedures available for those with an underbite, who of which are not willing or able to undergo orthodontic corrective jaw surgery.

I felt really lost in the dark, and admittedly, quite frankly confused. I thought braces fixed all types of problems with teeth, no sweat (just time), and not just overbites, as predominantly seen in the majority of cases. In so far as my understanding goes, the use of braces only, can and will fix an underbite if the malocclusion is not skeletal—or that of the jaw structure—and not to an extensive degree. It is understandable that those with quite severe jaw underbite malocclusions will inevitably require surgery to align the jaws, and this can be unavoidable for some.

My teeth and jaws however, were not of the extreme case—although still quite obviously misaligned—and I can't stress enough, that the use of braces only, as well as expander plate wear, were able to fix my teeth and move them into a correct bite.

Of course, all individual situations are obviously different, and a professional opinion is advised, but I thought I would document my case for those looking for information on such a niche and rarely detailed orthodontic situation. Bite problems are very common, and I was surprised at the apparent oversight and lack of information available to document such orthodontic treatment progress.

Because I love photos, and all sorts, below are two pictures of my teeth before, and two pictures 3 months and 5 days into braces, because my smile picture says a lot—with pretty glitter lip gloss to boot! My underbite was officially (me being the 'official'!) gone after 2 months and 7 days of wearing braces, and I couldn't be happier, and smilier!

Before Bite


After 3 Months, 5 Days

After 3 Months, 5 Days

I obviously still have a bit of a way to go, but you'll have to admit that it's a good start to what is a perfect smile! Both my centrelines are a little bit off on the top and bottom, my front right incisor (on your left) is still little bit crooked and I have an unhappy, little gap forming between my front teeth, which I assume is moving the centreline.

I will continue to update my progress along the whole journey, and I will happily take any questions you may have or comments you would like to share. I hope my story helps at least one person decide that their underbite has got to go, and be replaced by a smile that they've always wanted.

Update: Since, I have updated this blog entry because I have had my braces removed, and here's a more definitive look at what I've achieved, and I think you'll agree that the results are beyond amazing. I couldn't be any much happier.

You can see how great the bite looks, and the underbite, well you can say a big bye-bye to that one! These are my teeth after 9 months and 11 days into wearing braces, when my upper bands were removed.

Underbite, be gone! I am so happy I can smile with my teeth now, it's smile-inducing in and of itself! Here's to happy teeth and happy smiles!

Update: 9 months, and 22 days later, I am completely done with braces. Underbite gone, braces off, The perfect smile. I can now smile a perfect smile with very happy teeth inside a very happy girl's mouth, practically beaming with perpetual smiles.

Before During After

Be sure to check out my last post, detailing my whole journey, with photos, found here: Before and After Braces—Braces Off, Underbite Fixed and The Perfect Teeth

Happy smiling!


  1. Great post! I'm happy you decided to do this as well. For a long time, I thought I was going to have to have surgery to fix my underbite and that simply was it. That's part of the reason why I hesitated for as long as I did (as explained in my blog). When my orthodontist told me about the damon braces I couldn't have been happier. I hope that if I'm lucky enough for people to stumble across my blog, I can help the same way you are, too! I really appreciate your reasons for doing this, and I think that you will help others... you're helping me already, just by seeing what great results you're getting. :)

    Honestly I was hesitant to start blogging about this for fear that some might consider it vain and silly... my family for one, though they're really great, can't seem to understand why i'm doing this (the treatment) and I get the feeling that they think i'm being ridiculous... like this is an imaginary insecurity that i'm blowing way out of porportion. It's not that they're not supportive... I guess it's just that they don't understand it. I always link my blog to facebook in hopes that they'll read it and get why i'm doing this and how important it is... lol i'm not used to blogging though... I hope I can learn to write more openly about why I feel the way I do. In the end, if someone else reads it and it helps them along, it becomes more than just a 'record' in that sense. I think you are very right about that, and I'm glad you have that perspective.
    Again, thanks. You're coming along great, and I'm very happy for you. :)

  2. Thank you so much! It's a pleasure to know that I am helping others as well as recording my own progress.

    It really is a shame that there is a lack resources in fixing an underbite without surgery, and I hope my story can document it well. I look forward to more updates on it.

  3. Hey!! Thank you so much for this blog. Without it, I would have been in braces for two years. My dentist never mentioned the plate expanding thing. I had to bring it up to him and now I will only wear braces for a year max.

    I am getting fitted for braces and a plate (at the same time) next week Monday. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I'm 22 and work in policy, so I'm nervous about looking 14 again haha, but it's something I wanted for a while. Plus, I can relate to the whole "bulldog" lip thing. I'm African too so you can just IMAGINE the comments I got haha!

    Thanks so much for this blog. I can't wait to have a nicer smile (my teeth are already really straight, I just have an underbite.)

  4. Wow, that is so awesome that you got to fix your bite with just braces!
    Your teeth look amazing :) I wish I could have gone that route but my bones are in such a wacked position that I have to have jaw surgery.
    Your blog is a really great example of the many options there are to correct an underbite. :)

  5. though you had your underbite corrected, did your jaw still protrude?

  6. My jaw was never majorly protrusive like some of the cases I have seen. I can only assume it didn't move because I never had issues with jaw protrusion. Although so, it hasn't been an issue for me at all.

    It really depends on the skeletal structure of the jaw. I assume the jaw bone will remain in it's place throughout treatment, unless surgery is undertaken.

    I can't say my jaw has moved back, because, really, it's only my teeth which have moved.

  7. i have a slight underbite like u where my bottom teeth barely cover my top teeth, i have braces now and am using rubber bands to move my maxilla foward and mandible back. i have been told i need surgery but i am so scared dont want to do it, how will i know if my skeletal frame doesnt play a factor, im not sure braces alone will do the trick as i am having slooooww progress. i guess i need to double check my xrays w/ my ortho, did ur ortho ever tell u that surgery was the ONLY option?

  8. Before I began my treatment, my orthodontist discussed everything with me, and said I could go ahead and have surgery, but he didn't recommend it in the slightest. Seeing as I only had a small underbite, he said that it could be fixed adequately with braces only, avoiding surgery.

    I also received the same opinion from another orthodontist and felt very relieved that braces would be able to fix my underbite. I did not want to have surgery for the myriad of obvious reasons.

    My orthodontist didn't really want to go down the surgery route, because it is so extensive. Surgery to correct an underbite is never the only option, and I, as well as others are proof it can be achieved.

    It's really important to discuss everything with your orthodontist, and perhaps get second and third opinions before deciding on surgery. If your orthodontist has prescribed surgery perhaps he is correct in your particular case. Whatever means you do choose to go by, make sure you are making an informed and educated decision you are willing to deal with.

    As shown, I am evidence that surgery is not necessary to correct an underbite. Although ideal, your case may or may not be the same. I cannot stress enough that you must make sure what you're doing is what is best for you.

    Good luck with your journey, and I wish you all the best in correcting your underbite. I can tell you my journey, although incomplete as of yet, has been insofar, well worth it.

  9. You're teeth look absolutely amazing. I was born with an underbite and had it fixed with braces when I was 12-13; however, now, 10 years later, I feel like my underbite is creeping back. My bite seems to be changing and my top teeth are perfectly aligned with my bottom, rather than a little bit in front. My ortho never gave me retainers (long story behind that), so I'm thinking that I had no means to make my new bite "stick" you know if an underbite can come back once fixed? I'm hoping that if it can, I can just get braces again and they won't tell me I need surgery now! Any insights would help!

  10. Thank you so much for your comment. Thanks for your questions, too. I'll try to do my best to answer them based on what I know, and I'm no expert.

    Teeth move your whole life. That's why I've learnt retention is so important, especially after braces. After treatment, it's so important to keep the teeth in their new positions, or risk relapse.

    What I've come to learn about teeth is that they can be easily and relatively moved, but it takes much longer to, as you say, 'stick' their new positions of the bite.

    I don't think that you would need surgery. If you look at my case, I had what sounds like what you are explaining, where my bite just touched top and bottom teeth. If you are willing to go through braces again, I believe that that could be fixed. Either way, you need to see an orthodontist, and they will help you with this.

    I was given permanent, bonded wire retainers on both top and bottom teeth to maximise retention and minimise relapse. As I understand, this method of retention is now commonplace and the standard of retention used by orthodontists to keep the results stable. I am also wearing a clear Essix retainer on my top teeth only.

    You need to see an orthotontist regardless, if you want to begin treatment again, but in my opinion, you would definitely be able to fix your teeth. That's the orthodontist's job and you are paying money for them to do the job. There are teeth circumstances which are far worse than what you've described and they have been fixed with braces.

    Whatever you do though, make sure it is a considered decision. If you do get braces, make sure you get a retainer, perhaps a permanent wire one like I have, and stick with it! Retention is the most important factor to prevent relapse and non-negotiable when it comes to stabilising your new smile.

    Good luck with your journey, whatever you decide! Once again, thanks for the comment. Happy smiling!

  11. I have a slight underbite. My dentists told me that I can wear braces or choose not to as my underbite was very slight and it was not affecting me. Nobody knows I have an underbite until I tell them. However, I really hate my underbite and want it fixed badly. I have been hesitating on wearing braces for three years as I'm afraid of the pain. Now I'm 13. I read many articles on how jaw surgery is the only way out for people with underbites. I am utterly shocked and scared. Until I came upon your blog. I wonder if those ceramic braces are painful to wear and what other equipment are needed to cure a slight underbite? Thanks.

  12. Hi, and thanks for your comment and questions. It’s great you came across my blog to help you out with any concerns you may have. One of the reasons I made it was to help others in the same situation.

    Firstly, please don't be scared! If pain is the only thing you are scared about, that’s nothing to be scared about. Sure braces are uncomfortable and can be a little bit painful at certain times when adjustments are made and the teeth and jaw can feel quite sore, but this pain is not excruciating and is bearable.

    Have a look through my other blog entries where I’ve documented my whole journey. It will help you with understanding what I was going though. I had to wear an expander for 3 months before getting braces, which wasn’t painful at all, but was quite annoying socially as I had a lisp when speaking, as well as having to clean it and get used to it being in my mouth.

    Your orthodontist should assure you and let them know about your concerns. Secondly, if you don't want to fix your teeth don't feel you need to go ahead with changing your appearance if it's only a matter of looks and it isn't bothering you. Some people need orthodontic work because of dental issues with their bite and chewing, or jaw problems due to their jaw.

    Jaw surgery is definitely not the only way out for people with an underbite! I’ve put my story out there for it to be known that braces only can fix an underbite. You definitely don't need jaw surgery, especially if your underbite is only quite slight, like in my case. Just look at my case! I was lucky enough to not need surgery, which I definitely would not have liked to go ahead with!

    Should you have any other concerns, just let your orthodontist know and they will help you though it. Many people have gotten braces and they have more than likely treated many others with the same problems. What it comes down to is your willingness to go through with what is a long, expensive, and at times, uncomfortable (but not unbearable) journey. What I can tell you though, is that it has all been so worth it in my opinion, for something that would have bothered me for the rest of my life.

    If you want your teeth fixed and it bothers you, then I urge you to do something about it. That’s exactly what I did. I never wanted braces but my underbite was slowly creeping up on my self-esteem and I really have a big problem with how it looked. I never had any real issues with my teeth apart from the aesthetics. I was 21 and bit the bullet and decided it was now or never. The positives really outweighed the negatives, and that’s what it came down to. Anything bad to do with braces was worth it for a perfect smile.

    I hope my opinions have helped you out with your concerns. Good luck with your journey, and whatever your decision, may it be one full of smiles!

  13. When people get jaw surgery, their facial features usually change. Since you just used braces to correct your underbite, did any of your facial features change?...more specifically your nose?

    1. Yeah, good question, and you're right. I've seen many cases where faces have completely changed after jaw surgery.

      Personally, I can't say my facial structure or nose changed dramatically, if at all after wearing braces. I think naturally people will look the slightest bit different due to the new teeth positioning, but the jaw hasn't moved, merely the teeth have, so the result wouldn't be as drastic.

      My chin looks more tucked in and settled, and my nose might sit a little bit differently if I try looking hard enough, but these aspects are not enough to say my facial features have been changed, merely shifted very slightly. There is definitely a difference, of course, but it is ever so minimal in my case.

      I'm not a different person, just very slightly different; the slightest bit more put together and correct, if that makes sense. Just as though things sit in place better, and they do. If anything, my lips are more voluptuous because they sit together better now. Not that they weren't big and plump to begin with!

      I don't think this is the answer you're looking for, but I don't think that braces only would ever have the same impact that jaw surery would have at changing facial features. Braces align teeth; jaw surgery moves the face and facial structure with it, as well as the teeth.

      Good luck with your journey, whatever you're considering and may decide. Thank you for your question. I'm happy to have helped!

  14. Thank you for responding to my question! I'm glad that your facial features didn't change, because I don't want mine to if I do get braces. Take care!

    1. Not a problem at all! Happy to help, and happy you got the answer you wanted!

      Good luck, happy smiling!

  15. Hii um what was the cost of your braces though????, Were they really expensive? i have a underbite and i majorly want to fix it!!!

    1. I paid a total lump sum payment of $6745.00 upfront, which did make the cost a little but cheaper than repayments.

      This cost covers ceramic braces on upper and lower teeth, as well as retention treatments and consultations up to two years after active treatment is finished with my orthodontist.

      Sure it's expensive, and it's a lot of money, but in my opinion, worth it, even though it is on the costly side. Good luck, whatever you decide.

  16. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master.

    Orthodontist Northborough MA

  17. Thanks!A great blog and best one I have found on the underbite condition!!!!!

  18. Hey, i have a palatal expander in right now but im wondering if i can still get damon braces??

  19. Usually you get an expander before you get braces, so I'm sure you'll be able to get them afterwards if it is required and your orthodontist thinks that it's the right treatment for your issue. Good luck whatever your case. I know I hated having an expander!

  20. I am so glad I found your blog - I just met with an orthodontist yesterday about my underbite where my upper and lower teeth meet exactly. This has worn down the front teeth and is possibly the cause of facial pain I have been experiencing. The first step we are taking is to try a mouth plate? which I was fitted for and will get in a few weeks. I am cautiously optomistic!

  21. I'm so happy for you - this is exactly one of the reasons I decided to post my lengthy journey. Definitely have a look through the entire process. There is a lot to learn and go through!

    Have a look through my earlier posts, particularly, including the one about where I got my plate:

    I don't give the best review of the plate and my experience - as a warning I really hated it - but I'm sure you'll do just fine!

    Good luck, and that optimism is definitely warranted!

  22. i have a Underbite too.i have been wearing braces on my lower teeth for 3 months and now my othodontic says that i have to remove one of my lower front teeth among four to fix my me to decide weather i should follow his adivice or should do my jaw sugery to correct it.

  23. Could it ever go back to a underbite again

    1. That's quite the question for an orthodontist, but aure they can. Teeth have a memory and will want to move back to their original crooked and incorrect bite positions.

      The remodelled tooth under the gums is not quite strong yet, as it has been created over such a relatively short period of time. Think of baby teeth. They are young and weak.

      This is why it is very important to get calcium in your diet during and after your time in braces. Utmost, it is very important to retain the teeth with, ideally a bonded permanent retainer behind the teeth, and/or other retainers. This is the most important process to seal and lock in your final teeth positions.

      I have been following my orthodontist's direction and wearing it for however many hours a day, decreasing as time goes on. The most important is the stages right after they come off and in the next year or so as an approximate. Wear your retainers, or your teeth will go back to how they were!

      My teeth are as they were to this day as when they were removed! It goes to show you the power and importance of retention. Keep it up and you shouldn't have any problems with your teeth moving back to an underbite.

  24. Great blog
    Have you any pictures of our actual jaw line and teeth before and after.

    1. Thank you!

      I'll have to have a look and fish through my photos, which I might be willing to post up! I'll have to get back to you.

      I believe there is a slight but obvious difference to my jawline, now that my teeth sit properly inside my mouth!

  25. i hav a very worst underbite :(

  26. I already have braces & now I'm using rubber bands to close my slight underbite, is there an estimated time for it to be normal or would I have to resort to surgery?

    1. If you have braces now to fix your underbite, your orthodontist will know the route for your progress and will have given you the best treatment possible. My underbite was slight, my orthodontist mentioned surgery would not be a great ideas, and suggested braces would be a good alternative.

      It doesn't make sense to have braces, then surgery. Braces are used to fix underbites without surgery. In my case, my underbite was fixed without surgery. The elastics are doing their job, as long as you wear them and speak to your orthodontist if you have any issues with it.

      Perhaps your teeth are more stubborn, or you're not wearing them as directed. What I keep coming back to is please talk to your orthodontist if you have any issues. Let them know you're not really seeing any progress and when you can expect to. They know what they're doing most of the time. It's about you voicing your concerns and them letting you know what the situation is.

      All the best of luck with yours. I hope they start moving!

  27. Hello. If I sent you a picture of my bite can you tell me if you think it is e kind that can be corrected with braces? You can email me at if you don't mind. Then I can send you the pictures.

  28. Hello. If I sent you a picture of my bite can you tell me if you think it is e kind that can be corrected with braces? You can email me at if you don't mind. Then I can send you the pictures.

  29. I have a rather bad case of an underbite, but most doesn't notice until i tell them. i'm quite hesitant to go for braces as my ortho told me that he has to pull 2 teeth away from the lower jaw front part, this will leave me toothless for a few months, which could be very awkward. but i feel more assured after seeing that you have corrected your bite within 3 months, i thought it'll take more than a year to change it...

  30. How old were you when you began to have your teeth realigned with braces

  31. Replies
    1. I was actually 20 - it says in the side bar as well!

      I'm not quite 23 yet.

  32. I have a bad case of underbite where the orthodontist said I could use braces as well as a headgear to correct as I'm below 16. You're so lucky that your underbite could take 3-ish months to correct. I think mine would take at least a year or so.

  33. Hi, I have a underbite of -1 mm and am currently wearing rubber bands. I am worried that this might be too far for the rubberbands to work! How deep was your underbite and do you think rubberbands could do the trick?

    1. Rubber bands help all types of bite problems. Your orthodontist should know what they're doing. They will fix your teeth as best they can.

      If you have any concerns, be sure to raise them with them, or ask any questions. They'll be able to help alleviate your issues.

      My underbite wasn't that deep, but I'm not sure how deep it was, as I didn't get a measurement from my orthodontist. Check my pictures for the best indication of how bad it was. As a guess, I would say 5mm with my teeth closed together, but top to top, they just met, without any overbite or underbite.

  34. Im also undergoing braces for my underbite and open bite. Two teeth were already puller out by my ortho.. Hoping for a great result after some months. Your blog is a indeed an ispiration.. Many thanks... jr

  35. I'm 19 and also have (well, in your case 'had') a slight underbite/evenbite. Do you think it will get worse? Jaw surgery is completely out of the question for me and right now I don't think I could afford getting braces just as you did. Should I just leave it untreated or should I see another orthodontist?

    1. It's really hard to answer that question. Mine wasn't getting worse, but I could sort of feel it getting worse, if that makes sense. Unless it was just a psychological fear.

      In my mother's case, she had an underbite her whole life. Quite a moderate one at that. Believe it or not (I find it hard to) after she gave birth to her first child (me!) her teeth moved, and her underbite disappeared. She now has a perfect bite. I say, stranger things have happened, but it must have been the pregnancy which made something tick in her body?

      Things could possibly get better for you! But I would say my mother's case is quite special. It goes to show it can happen though. Don't wish for it. I didn't, obviously because just because it happened to my mother, didn't mean in any way that the same would happen to me.

      Braces are costly, and I have to say it was a bit of an investment for me. To have great teeth now, well, I can say is pretty priceless.

      I would definitely get a second consultation, if you can afford it. Really look at what you have to gain and lose with the investment. I would just say, don't live with regrets. There would be nothing worse then living a lot of your older life wishing you did it when you were younger. Please have a serious think about both sides of the story!

      Good luck!

  36. I have been going back and forth in regards to rather I should have surgery to fix my underbite. I've been to five orthodontics who swore by the surgery; however, when I found the one who said it could be done without surgery I of course was skeptical. When I found your blog I was ecstatic! You have inspired me to do it without the surgery because I now know that the results can be just as attractive.

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  68. Before you wear those braces, your lower jaw is forward by how many mm? My lower jaw is forward by 5mm so I don't know whether braces can help me.

    1. When I lined my teeth up, and pushed my top teeth forward as much as I could, they were touching top to top - in line with each other.

      However, when my mouth was closed, my top teeth naturally sat in that spot behind my lower teeth, because they locked together comfortably there. Just like the reverse of a normal bite. This would have probably been about 2-3mm at my guess where they sat only.

      Your case, being 5mm sounds a lot to me, but you will have to consult one or a few orthodontists to see if braces will help you and in your case.

      Good luck with it!

  69. does it change how your side profile looks?
    like does your lower lip not protrude anymore?

  70. It has changed my side profile marginally. My lower lip still protrudes a little, but I only really had the issue when my bite was in the closed underbite position.

    My lower lip is naturally larger and more plump than my top, so it is like that for myself personally - but I can say it has definitely improved!

  71. Hi thank you for posting, what I would call HOPE! and staying active on this post!

    I myself have an underbite and everywhere I looked for was filled with jaw surgery...

    your smile did get better and this in quite a short period of time, as i have many friends who got their braces early on but had to wear them for years.

    When you smiled before both your upper row teeth and under row teeth would show up right, is it still the case now ?

    1. Hi there! So nice of you to say. Thank you!

      To answer your question, (which is a great question)my smile was weird. I had to smile with my upper teeth not touching, or with my teeth lining up with my bottom teeth, which I had to force into that position. So it was not natural at all.

      Now, they are perfect and my upper teeth sit in front of my lower teeth like a smile should be. Just see my photos of what I mean.

      Good luck with your journey whatever you decide.

  72. Hi! The teeth beside my two upper front teeth are the only ones protruding teeth at the bottom. Still, this made my lower lip protrude my upper lip and gave me a long-shaped face. Also, the midline of my upper teeth is not aligned with the bottom. Will braces fix this problem? Thanks.

    1. My best advice would be to see an orthodontist. They will give you a consultation and let you know.

      To me, your teeth situation sounds fine. I'm not sure braces will exactly fix your protruding lip, but they will straighten and align your teeth!

      My bottom lip protruded much more before I had braces!

  73. Like myself, were you for years told surgery was the only option? I have now been given this option of 18 mths of ortho treatment and though slightly time consuming it seems to good to be true! Were you warned that it may not be successful?

    1. I saw one other orthodontist who said surgery was the way to go.

      Being clever, I did see someone else, as I didn't believe it.

      I wasn't a ride off as a candidate only suitable for surgery, because the second orthodontist I went to didn't even suggest it - it's not what he likes to do.

      Try and try to find a confident orthodontist who has faith in it. Not saying you can avoid surgery definitely, but maybe it's not as bad as it seems.

      I'd rather do extended orthodontics than surgery, any day!

  74. Hi just stumbled onto your site. Can I ask who did your braces? I note you live in Sydney

    1. Happy to be of help. I had my treatment with to Orthodontics Exclusively in Sydney. I don't work there, so it's not like this is an ad. I also wasn't the biggest fan of my orthodontist's personality/willingness to listen. Just being honest here. They have a range of orthodontists who can help you.

  75. im 13 and i have a slight underbite and i got braces last month can my braces fix it?

  76. hi your teeth look perfect, i have a minor under bite i wore the expanding thing,am now wearing braces on my upper teeth but the dentist just removed my lower premolars for braces to be fixed.Did u really go through this im scared i would end up having too much spaces in between my teeth, please advice.

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment!

      I'm not sure about your situation - sorry. I had no teeth removed, as my orthodontist didn't like to take this route.

      Sorry - and good luck.

  77. How long did it take for you to actually see your teeth moving into a overbite?

    1. It was within less than 2 months! Amazing stuff! See my other posts for this.

      So happy with the initial speed. The remainder for me was locking down positioning.

  78. Hi! I love your results and your orthodontist sounds very talented. Im not very happy with my slight crossbite and i think your technique could improve my smile. Is it possible to supply the name of your othodontist?

  79. Thank you, I'm going to get those braces

  80. This is such a great blog. I am from Brisbane and have always thought that I required jaw surgery,as my teeth sit perfectly on top of each other..

    I have now realized that it can be fixed with braces - and with you saying that you see the changes in months I am more excited than ever!

    There really isn't that much information about braces and underbites on the internet, so thank u!

  81. Hi, I’m Marie and I’m 20 years old. I just wanted to ask, if braces or invisalign can correct my underbite, but actually I can align my upper and lower teeth.